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Mariscal, Javier

Mariscal, Javier

Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 1950) is, above all a creator of images who carries out his work in all types of activities and disciplines. Furniture design, interior decoration, graphic design, landscapes painting, sculpture, illustration, multimedia design and animation all form part of his professional palette.

In Mariscal’s own words, “My specialty is to be creative, innovative, to expand the language, and help evolve codes, signs, and graphic messages. Basically, bring them up to date and be a sponge, observe, capture in images what society is breathing, what we believe in, what excites us and the ideas that are in constant flux. To that end, I use whichever system, language or discipline that is my disposal.”

Mariscal’s artistic proposal is a link with our Mediterranean culture and envisions an understanding of the world and life that is easy to connect with.

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